brand Photography, special event photography, and Wedding Photography

We provide photography as a way to showcase your brand and create keepsakes for special moments in your life. Whether you want to shoot in our South Holland, IL studio or at a special location, we will provide stunning photography that highlights everything you value most.

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Brand Photography

From creative consult to final edit, we showcase your unique brand through compelling visuals. Whether you're shooting in our studio, your office, or at a different location, you can rest assured that our photographers will make you feel confident and comfortable in front of the camera. You can use your brand photos on social media, on your website, in ads, in print, and anywhere else you could imagine!

Brand Photography includes both specialized photoshoots that highlight your branding, products, tools (like instruments and equipment), as well as headshot sessions to spruce up your portfolio and professional listings.

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"You made me feel so comfortable! It was easy to just be myself while you took my pictures."

Showcase Your Brand

Brand Photography is often on location at your office, event, salon, studio, or anywhere else you can imagine! It allows you to highlight your products, services, and favorite moments. If you have a team, they can join the session to get in-action shots or group shots. Let your current and future customers experience your brand through photography!

Headshot Photography

Show case your personal brand and make a lasting (and positive) first impression with your headshots! You can use these on professional profiles, websites, social media, press releases, and more.

Fashion, Occasion & Editorial Photography

Your creative concepts can be brought to life! We can create sets, design shoots, and work with you to showcase your work and ideas. Models, designers, and people celebrating milestones have booked photo shoots like this with us to capture their creative vision.

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"They all look so great, I'm having a hard time choosing my favorites! I've never done anything like this before, and You made it such a great experience for me."

-Ali E., Fashion Photoshoot

Fashion Photography

Be creative in front of the camera! Whether you're showcasing new designs, creating a look or idea you have, or ready for unique photos, fashion photography is the perfect option.

Special Occasion

Occasion photography is great for your events, special moments, and holidays. In addition to the sets we design at D3T Media Suites in South Holland, IL for major holidays, we also come to you!

smiling couple in dressy clothing with christmas tree in background