Meet The Crew

Who We Are

D3T’s team is comprised of industry experts who offer insider perspective and years of experience to our clients. Founded as a small, black and woman-owned business, our leadership and team know how important it is to work with integrity.  We also understand how important every digital media asset is to our clients, and we always seek to over-deliver on our client’s vision.  We are proud to say that our team offers creative perspectives and insight that are unique and innovative to make your work the best it can be.

Our Team


ellie turk

"Our stories connect us"

Passionate about creating meaningful, original media and empowering artists to realize their dreams, Ellie has devoted her career to developing, producing, and marketing digital media.  

She has her Masters of Science in Entertainment Business from Full Sail University and her Bachelor of Music in Composition and Technology from Oral Roberts University.  

In music, she works from the creative stages through development, studio production to live performance. She coaches performers, provides music and film distribution, and hosts live performances.  

In filmmaking and photography, Ellie has worked in every area of film production behind the scenes. For D3T, she produces, writes, directs, edits, and distributes films. She also offers select fashion and creative photography sessions.

In marketing and design,  she develops and implements client strategy, often marrying the web design with the overall promotional strategy. She enjoys designing brand assets, including graphics for social media, eBooks & books for print, and promotional materials.

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How It's Going

We seek to provide high caliber creative support, unforgettable digital media, and effective organic marketing services to our clients. Our vision is to continue providing this powerful content while also growing our artist services to offer publishing and distribution. We want to put content ownership back in the hands of the creators.  We are excited to offer D3T Media Suites - a newly outfitted, state of the art creative space in the community of South Holland, IL - for other entrepreneurs and creatives to utilize.



In loving memory...

"Creating your vision, pursuing our passion."

From a young age, Demetrius "Dee" Toney worked with local churches and musicians. He believed that everyone's idea deserved a chance, and he sought to give opportunities to the youth he mentored in media.

D3T Productions started as a small studio in his grandmother's basement. During his lifetime, he worked with Ellie to create a full service media production company. He directed the award-winning Unspoken Sacrifice and looked forward to many more creative projects.

It is our honor to carry on this legacy and continue to provide our clients with the opportunity to bring their vision to life.

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